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Next Kingdom Minded Virtual Assistant Academy Open Enrollment is for March 2023

Kingdom Minded Entreprenuers

Are you a Full-Time worker looking to experience stability, flexibility, and living out your purpose by becoming a Kingdom Virtual Assistant?

You want a solid foundation for using the gifts God has given you. You lack confidence in how you can use the gifts that God has given you & the talents you have perfected over time working a job that is not rewarding you for your hard work.  And not losing yourself as a Christian woman starting your own business.

I understand how you feel like being “Jack of all Trades, Master of NONE.”  God can take those “jack of all trades“ and bring them all together to make an impact for the Kingdom through a sustainable business that allows for more stability, flexibility, and blessing of others with your gifts and talents so they can act in their zone of genius. 

Tired of feeling like you are doing this alone? Let my team be your team while you are setting things in motion for your business.

Our Kingdom Minded small Group Coaching Program is designed to help you stop doing business alone! God wants us to be more Christ-like, correct? Did Jesus do it alone? NOPE, he had 12 disciples.  I come from a team-building environment – 25 years of it, and you should not be alone in scaling your business process. 

You’ll learn my proven PCCC Kingdom Framework.  During each phase, you receive live coaching, a step-by-step plan, instructions for implementation, checklists, and more.

These sessions are online via Zoom or Microsoft Teams. My goal is to help you feel confident, have less stress, and help you have a profitable VA Business. The Kingdom Minded VA Group Coaching program is like no other market program!

The membership is for the alumni who have completed either the Kingdom Minded VA Academy, Group Coaching, or 1:1 Coaching.

It can be hard to maintain the motivation to grow your business when you're struggling with a lack of accountability or it might be hard for you to stay on track with your goals.

It's tough trying to figure out things in your business when we don’t have limited access to them.

If you're looking for a community that will motivate you and gives you the accountability and support needed to take your business to new heights, then the Kingdom Alumni Membership is right for you!

The Kingdom Alumni Membership isn't just another group of friends to talk with. It's a community where all members are actively engaged in their own businesses, networking with one another through events, and helping each other build successful lives.

As an alumni member you will get:
1. Monthly calls
2. Quarterly Q&A 2-hour calls
3. Access to a community group
4. Discount on all events
5. Guest experts on a Monthly or Quarterly basis - Based on the needs of the group
6. Access to all the recordings, training, etc.

$2997 $1997

Kingdom Minded Entreprenuers

$2997 $1997

What is Kingdom Minded ?

We believe that if God is not in it, then we should not be doing it. As Christian women, we have to learn what is ministry and what is business. When we make God part of our daily conversation about everything we do, he will let you know what to do in your business and what to do in your ministry.  Ministry is when the holy spirit leads you to do a service for God and what to offer in the business place.

Our Experts

System Specialist

Kesha Rogers

Tech VA

Haniza Romzan

Author & Virtual Author's Assistant

 Sheyel Rorie

Transaction Coordinator

Dawn Brown



We know what it is like doing it all alone, we know about the limiting belief of becoming successful, not getting support from your love ones, battle health and mental issues and still try to work towards your dreams. 

I hear, see, and know your pain. What is unique about Kingdom Minded VA Coaching is that we care, we pray, we support, we build each other up so that we ALL win.

We are Christians and we should ALWAYS be christlike. Yes! Even as Christians we have fears, but GOD want us to trust him through the process. Isaiah 43:1 “Don't fear, for I have redeemed you; I have called you by name; you are Mine.” God actually commands us not to fear, or worry.

The phrase “fear not” is used at least 80 times in the Bible, most likely because He knows the enemy uses fear to decrease our hope and limit our victories.

When you join the Kingdom Minded VA movement, we promise to hold you accountable to the biggest vision for your life.

We will empower you to take massive aligned action to reach that vision.

We will teach you the skills to confidently achieve your dreams. We are a movement breakthrough of mindset barriers, Christian business builder, & change-makers who are impacting the world.

So if you’re ready to listen to your intuition, work hard to achieve your big dreams, and do the work you’re meant to be doing for the Kingdom.

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